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Let's make magic.

I'm Elle Sanderson

Escape the mundane and run wild and free with me.

Let's explore together

I believe that our lives are meant to be shaped into beautiful gifts that we give to ourselves. My personal calling, you ask? To enhance your experience by helping you align your present life with your internal desires.

Friends and lovers have called me a patient guide, but I’m really just a woman who’s interested in helping others discover themselves through physical, sensual, and spiritual experiences.

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Deep relationships take time to build.

That’s why I only offer experiences starting at three hours in length. I want us to take things slowly, get to know one another, and truly enjoy what each of us has to offer the other.

There’s never any rush with me; I’m dedicated to you and the time we’ve both carved out of our schedules to be with one another. Paying attention to one another fully is an experience unlike any other.

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The longer we have, the deeper we go.

The longer we have the deeper we go

Letting someone into the deepest parts of your psyche can be an exciting yet intimidating process. Time allows our desires to unfurl to their fullest, offering us the space and comfort to reveal ourselves.

Time is a luxury that we don’t often get to indulge ourselves in. Why not indulge to the fullest with me?

I’m incredibly well-traveled, but there are still many adventures to partake in, particularly those adventures that are far more fulfilling when had with another.

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Ready to get in touch?

I know I can’t wait for our paths to cross; can you? If you’re ready to connect, simply introduce yourself in earnest. I’m quite particular about who I share energy with, and believe that first impressions are ever-lasting.