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"One of my greatest fears is I will die without finding a single soul who knows what to do with this fire I have behind my eyes."

During my lifetime, I have met many people, from all walks of life, at various stages, in different seasons, all on a journey.

What I’ve discovered is we all long for deeper connection, excitement, and thrill. We all want to be seen, heard, and adored.

We live in an era of both great danger and great  promise. That’s what makes life simultaneously so joyful and tumultuous. When we jump over the threshold of danger we reach a new levels of intimacy, understanding, and appreciation of the role that sensuality and sexuality can play in our lives.

My mission and my purpose is to help you discover innovative approaches to revive and revitalize your sexuality, creativity, and spirituality.

I can guide you to establish healthy, positive, and sustainable habits in all areas of your life both physically and mentally whilst exploring your deepest desires.
I am a lover of books, adventures, exquisite art, deep health, fitness & well-being. Obsessed with learning, I’m a thrill-seeker who longs to explore the depths others won’t dare to travel.

I thrive on intense chemistry, deep passionate love affairs, and old-fashioned romance you can only find in the novel next to your bed. I love to share my company with like-minded friends who enjoy genuine long lasting mutual connections. If you’re looking for great conversation, friendship, simplicity, adventures, nature, romance, lots of fun, belly laughs, living in the moment and simply letting your hair down and embracing every fiery moment we share together, then you’ve met your match in me!

My plan is to bring my captivating smile, infectious laughter, and super positive outlook on life to all corners of the globe. I absolutely love to travel and welcome friends who would like a fit and intelligent tour guide by their side!

At a glance…

Age: early 30s

Nationality: British

Dress Size: 8

Measurements: 32DD

Height: 5’6″

Shoe Size: 5

Blonde Outcall Escort London

My friends would describe me as someone who has a great passion for life and bundles of personality.

Blonde Outcall Escort London

I’m devilishly open minded, versatile and adventurous. While I’m a sun-seeker, moonlight dancer, and go-getter, I’m also an old soul with heaps of positivity. I’ve got an intriguing cheeky side that comes along with a highly desirable body. Who could  forget my famously delectable bottom (*wink*)?

My philosophy is simple: one day you’ll wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Do them now.

Knowing without seeing is at the heart of chemistry. Are you passionately curious yet?

Of course, you are.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Elle Sanderson xx